Lt. Gov. Polito and Rep. Peake visit

Lt. Gov Polito

On Tuesday, August 22nd Wellfleet Selectman Reinhart, Energy Committee Chair Elkin and town staff were honored to welcome Lt. Governor Polito and Representative Peake to Wellfleet.  Lt. Governor Polito wanted to see how Wellfleet was benefitting from the Green Communities program.  We were able to demonstrate to her how Wellfleet uses the Green Communities program and the Cape Light Compact to reduce our carbon footprint.  Representative Peake is a regular visitor to Wellfleet, I believe this was Lt. Governor Polito’s first visit.

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Town Hall flowers

Town Hall flowers

I hope everyone has had a chance to see the flowers planted around Wellfleet Town Hall.  Acknowledgement and thanks to the Wellfleet Arbor Group who did all the work and is maintaining them through the summer.  What a great improvement!

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Wellfleet Water System ranks high

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their new national Tap Water Database of pollutants present in all public water systems in the US. The database provides information on nearly every potentially harmful chemical found in public drinking water supplies. The information about the contaminants is based on what scientists say are considered safe levels of those contaminants. EWG’s new national Tap Water Database is the most complete source available on the quality of U.S. drinking water, aggregating and analyzing data from 50,000 public water systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

We are happy to report that According to the EWG’s new national Tap Water Database, the Wellfleet Municipal Water System has the lowest number of detected drinking water contaminants among all Barnstable County public water systems in a tie with the Lakeside Estate public water supply and is number one in water quality among all municipal water supplies on Cape Cod.  The Wellfleet Municipal Water System has 503 connections available with 254 abutters having connected as of July 31st, 2017, for those abutting the Wellfleet Municipal Water System, now is the time to consider taking advantage of this exceptional water purity. We are proud of our water quality and urge you to protect our natural resources to continue keeping them so pure and serene.  For more information about the Wellfleet Municipal Water System, please call 508-349-0300. 

For the full story, please click HERE.

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Playground Update

You may recall at the April town meeting voters approved funding for new playground equipment at the Baker Field recreation area.  The equipment was ordered immediately after the funding was approved by town meeting voters.  We were on a tight schedule as it is to have the equipment delivered and installed prior to the start of the summer recreation program.  On Monday, June 26th, when the equipment was to be installed it was determined that the water table was higher than expected in the area the equipment was to be installed.  The installers are unable to install the footings into standing water which is the current situation.  We decided to move the playground equipment to where the tent is usually sited.

However, that also created delays.  The utilities need to be identified for the entire playground site and then an overlay of the proposed playground siting has to be compared with the utility siting and the footings have to be looked at to be sure nothing interferes with the utilities.  The summer recreation program started Monday.  For safety reasons we don’t want a construction site in progress while the kids are in the recreation program.  For now the tent will go where it has been sited previously and we expect the playground installation will occur after summer Rec is over at the end of August.

We’re disappointed the playground equipment won’t be installed in time for use this summer and apologize to those who were looking forward to using it this summer.

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A new beginning

In the back of my mind I knew there was a Town Administrator blog and I hadn’t touched it since I started last August.  I thought I’d wait until I had the time, but in this position I find I never really have the time, there’s too much I want to do.  I just have to make the time.  I hope I can keep you up to date on what is happening in Wellfleet, no matter where you might be through this blog, postings on Facebook and eventually a newsletter.  I will apologize in advance for my writing skills, I write like I’m talking to you.

As I was driving in this morning I thought how lucky I am.  I love working in this beautiful town and my commute along Route 6 is different every day.  This morning there was a light mist, the trees were so green from the rain, the skies were gray, yet it was so beautiful.  And I get to see nature’s artwork every day on my drive to and from work.  And every day is a different piece of art.

TRAINING – Last night Town Clerk, Joe Powers, held his first training session for Board and Committee chairs and members.  The training session at the Library was attended by approximately 35 committee members.  Thanks to Joe for this excellent training session.  Joe and the town staff have committed to ongoing training and education programs for volunteers, residents and visitors.

HERRING RIVER STAKEHOLDER’s GROUP – The Herring River Restoration Project’s Executive Council (HREC) was created to coordinate project implementation activities, serve as a forum for establishing and providing policy direction; review and approve the Adaptive Management Plan; monitor progress; and ensure compliance with laws, policies and regulations of member towns and the Cape Cod National Seashore, project permits and agreements and other applicable legal regulations.  In order to ensure public and private concerns are well represented and considered by the HREC in its decision making process a Stakeholder’s Group is being formed.  If you would like to be considered for a position on the Stakeholder’s Group please visit the town’s web site and download an application.  You may download the application to your computer, fill out the requested information and return the application to

SHELLFISH CONSTABLE INTERVIEWS – This afternoon, Tuesday, June 20th, the Selectmen will be interviewing five candidates for the position of Shellfish Constable.  I’m looking forward to having the position filled so we can move forward.  I think we have some excellent candidates who will do a great job for the Town of Wellfleet.


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So Long

It’s been about eighteen months since I posted to this blog. Turns out that there wasn’t enough time to meet the TA responsibilities and continue regular posts to this blog. There was no shortage of subjects I wish I had done posts about; just no time to write them.

Anyway, after three and one-half years, I retired on June 30, 2016, so there will be no more posts by me as TA. Serving as town administrator has been challenging but the opportunity to make a contribution has been a gift. I’d like to thank all of you who showed patience while I figured out the job, who supported what I was trying to do, or otherwise extended courtesy or support.

I’ve reached the point where my obligations to my family made it difficult meet both family and professional obligations, and it was time that the family obligations prevailed.

Thanks to all.


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January Storm 2015

As I am sure everyone knows, the snow has already started falling on what is forecast to be a storm of historic severity.  How to prepare for storms like this one is not a mystery for those of us who have lived in New England a long time, but I am still going to add my voice to others urging caution and preparation.    We have posted storm information for Wellfleet residents on the Town News section of our Town’s web site and will continue to do so as additional information becomes available.

Stay warm and stay safe.

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