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In an effort to keep Wellfleet residents and non-residents who love Wellfleet up to date on Wellfleet municipal government I’ve started a Town Administrator’s newsletter.  Starting out with a summary of Select Board meetings I hope to expand to more boards and committees, reports from Town departments and various news of interest.  Please use the link below to read the first newsletter and  click on the link at the top of the page JOIN EMAIL LIST if you would like to receive future newsletters.

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Visit to Washington, DC for Dredging

Senator Warren

The Town of Wellfleet hired an advisor in Washington, DC to help us emphasize the need for dredging the Wellfleet Harbor.  Bob Wallace and I traveled to Washington DC on January 16th.  We arrived in Washington DC  and checked into our hotel where we had lunch at the hotel with Ray (our advisor).  In conversation we decided to focus on four areas and work to get those four points across in every conversation.

 1. The safety aspects of not dredging the Harbor.  Wellfleet is a member of the Cape & Islands Maritime Response System.  We are unable to effectively serve during periods of low tide.  And although we are a Harbor of Refuge the Harbor is inaccessible from 6 to 8 hours a day.

2. Aquaculture.  Bob provided information on how the black mayonnaise was affecting him as a Shellfisherman.  We also related the number of jobs on the outer Cape that were tied to the industry.

3. Maintenance Dredging.  We stressed the fact that the Town was working on a maintenance dredging program so that for as long as possible we would be self sustaining.  We would not be coming back in five years asking for more help.  We gave them examples of how we might fund our maintenance dredging.

4. Support from the State of Massachusetts.  We discussed our meetings with Representative Peake, Senator Cyr and Secretary of Economic Development Jay Ash and the fact that all are supportive of this project.  The State will help with funding, but the Federal portion must be completed first.

Our first meeting was with the Office of Management and Budget.  It was helpful that Ray knew the folks there and has worked with them previously.

The 2nd meeting was with Senator Warren’s staff.  As with all meetings we distributed our dredging brochure which was well received.

The 3rd meeting was with Senator Markey and his staff.  He complimented us on the brochure and asked what we needed him to do.  He mentioned that during committee hearings on the new head of the Army Corp of Engineers he had a private meeting with the candidate during which he brought up and stressed the importance of dredging the Wellfleet Harbor.  It was a great meeting and Senator Markey and his staff could not have been more supportive.

The 4th meeting was with three representatives from the Army Corp of Engineers.  The fact that we were there in person discussing the project was so important.  They couldn’t promise anything, but they’ve met us and now know Wellfleet Harbor.

The 5th meeting was back in Senator Warren’s office.  She couldn’t meet with us personally the first time, but was able to meet us this time. She was fascinated to talk to Bob once she heard he had a Shellfish grant.

Our last meeting was with Congressman Keating and his staff.  He was very well informed on the project so the meeting was more general in nature.

Bob did a great job representing the shellfish industry.  Ray was an excellent choice to guide us through our meetings.  We will continue to work with him as needed.

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A new year begins

As we reach the end of the 2017 calendar year we look towards 2018 with a sense of renewal.  For me, each new year brings a reset.  What worked in 2017?  What didn’t?  What can we do better in 2018?  It’s a constant learning, growing process.

For staff the start of a new calendar year means the start of preparing for town meeting.  We’ve prepared the Town Administrator’s FY 2019 budget and Capital Improvement Program which was delivered to the Selectmen and Finance Committee in early December 2017.  Now we start the process of creating the town meeting warrant that will be brought forward to the Selectmen.  Staff will write up warrant articles and deliver them to the Board of Selectmen who decide whether the article gets inserted into the warrant.  It’s a nerve racking process which can also be quite exhilarating when it all comes together as a finished warrant for Town meeting voters.

As residents your responsibility increases as well.  Between now and the April 23rd town meeting there will be a number of meetings and public hearings on the budget, on zoning articles and any other number of items that may be on the warrant.  Please attend those meetings, educate yourself and let your voice be heard.  You may have heard the town meeting Moderator say, ‘I rule that amendment to be outside of the scope of the article’.  Your time to speak up is now, before town meeting, when a proponent of an article can hear your input.

Watch the Town’s web site and look at agendas for meeting.  If you see something on the agenda that is important to you please attend the meeting and speak up.  Public hearings are advertised in the newspaper, keep an eye out for them, attend the public hearings and speak up.

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Annual Report Photo/Artwork

Calling out all Wellfleet residents to submit their best photograph / artwork (JPEG format) for the 2017 Annual Town Report front and back cover, respectively.

Please submit your work to by Friday, December 22th, 2017.

By emailing us you agree to give the Town of Wellfleet permission to utilize the image(s) freely as deemed appropriate.

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We’ve got a great Library !

But, you already knew that.

The Library Journal has been indexing libraries for ten years and awarding up to five stars based on certain factors like numbers of circulation, number of programs, attendance, etc.  Our Wellfleet Library has always received five stars.  Wellfleet has the distinction of being an all-star, all-time library, meaning we’ve received five stars for all ten years.

Only 13 libraries in the entire country have received that distinction!

Here is the link to the story

Congratulations to the Library staff (past and present), the Library Board of Trustees and Wellfleet residents on creating an outstanding library!




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Wellfleet Cultural District

In May 2017 Wellfleet was designated as Cultural DistrictWellfleet Cultural Dist Photo

The Massachusetts Cultural Council designated Wellfleet’s town center and harbor as a Cultural District in 2017 in recognition of the concentration and vitality of its artistic, cultural and natural resources. The goal of the Wellfleet Arts and Cultural District is to link the Harbor and Town through a walkable loop that includes many of the town’s restaurants, galleries, fine clothing stores, theaters, gift shops, markets, and the marina, public library and community cultural center.

The established goals of the Wellfleet Arts and Culture District are:

-Enhance what is special about life in Wellfleet for residents, property owners, and visitors alike.

​-Promote economic activity in the District to build on and expand the existing arts, culture, and natural environment.

​-Preserve the history environment and customs that reflect the community experience over time.

​-Nurture the diversity of contributions in the visual, performing, literary arts, as well as marine and natural sciences.

​-Celebrate our culture and arts while fostering stewardship of this unique natural environment that inspirers us.

​-Encourage education concerning the significance of the Arts and Culture District and welcome everyone to share in the historic, artistic, and scientific contributions of Wellfleet.

For more information or to become involved in the Wellfleet Arts and Culture District please contact Brian Carlson, Assistant Town Administrator via email at

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Selectmen adopt 2017-2018 goals

On October 10th the Wellfleet Board of Selectmen voted to adopt their 2017-2018 goals (see below).  As you can see from the attached document the list of goals is comprehensive. Volunteers won’t be able to achieve all these goals and staff won’t be able to achieve all these goals.  But, if volunteers and staff work together we might really be able to make a difference!

If you would like to volunteer to help work on achieving these goals please contact the Town Administrator’s office at

2017-2018 Board of Selectmen Goals


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